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Wedding Veil Sizes

Wedding Veil Sizes

We use the traditional method of giving sizes of wedding veils in inches. The chart below shows standard sizes of two tier veils, and how they are otherwise known.


Size in inches Size in cm Also known as
36 91.5 Shoulder length
54 137 Waist or elbow length
72 183 Hip or fingertip length
108 274 Floor length
126 320 Train or chapel length
144 366 Long train or cathedral length

Most of our veils can be made in any length. Remember the size in inches or centimetres includes the length of the blusher or face veil.

Two Tier or Single Tier?

A ‘tier’ simply means a layer of veiling. Most wedding veils have two tiers, which means that they have two layers of veiling coming down from the comb that sits in your hair. Usually the top tier is shorter than the bottom tier, and is called the blusher. This can be brought down over your face for the traditional blushing bride look. If you want your veil to be a main feature of your bridal outfit then a veil with three or more tiers will make a great statement. We make more modern three-tier veils with a blusher that sits as a small face veil, giving a fantastic shape whether worn with or without the blusher over the face.

The most popular veil size is 72”. This is the length from the bottom of the blusher to the bottom of the back of the veil, meaning that on a two tier veil it will hang around 40-45” from the comb, usually reaching your hips.


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