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These days, there are so many different options to choose from for your wedding and the terminology used to describe them can be confusing. The following is a brief list of terms regularly used that confuse both brides and stockists. We are happy to answer any further questions you might have about these, or any other terms used – just contact us.



AB AB stands for Aurora Borealis, is the most popular choice of crystal and comes as standard on most of our designs. It is a coating on a clear crystal rather than being a coloured crystal. This coating gives a highly reflective surface to the crystal, adding another dimension to your accessories. AB mixes well with coloured crystals, enabling the colours to shine out from among them.
Appliqué Appliquéd lace is attached to the veil in sections rather than being a line of lace running around the edge of the veil. This gives a more delicate look, and means that the lace is more likely to match your dress.
Back Comb Back-combing a veil means that the gather is pulled up against the back of the comb, producing a fuller, bouffant effect.
Birdcage Veil A birdcage veil is a piece of millinery net that is shaped to delicately frame your face. It often incorporates decoration on the veiling itself or around the area where it secures to the comb.
Bouffant This is another term for Fully Combed
Brim A brim is the part of a hat that is horizontal
Chiffon A fabric similar to organza but more delicate and draping, chiffon is used for both veils and headwear.
Combs Combs are used to secure veils, face veils and some headdresses in place. We use two types of comb, metal and plastic, each being ideal for different uses.
Coque Feather
Crisp Silk Crisp Silk is more transparent than other silks and holds its shape, enabling it to be embroidered if you wish, or edged and decorated in the same styles as our standard veils.
Crown The crown of a hat is the part that sits directly on the head.
Crystal Comb A crystal comb simply means that crystals have been attached to the top of the comb for some extra sparkle and luxury.
Diamanté Diamantés give the ultimate crystal shine without being too heavy or overpowering for the delicate veiling. They are flat back crystals which we use on veils.
Faux Silk Also known as Soft Veiling, this fabric has a larger weave than Fine Diamond Veiling and produces a more draped effect.
Fine Diamond Veiling Fine Diamond Veiling is the highest quality veiling available. The weave of this fabric enables us to create delicate looking items that have a robust, wearable quality. The veiling is so fine that it feels soft and looks magical as it floats from your hair.
Fine Edge
Floss This refers to the fibres around the band that make it smooth and comfortable. Often floss is either silver or gold, but on special request tiaras can be made with brown or blonde coloured floss to blend in with the hair, or bridesmaid colours to match the decoration.
Fully Combed This refers to the way a veil is gathered before being attached to a comb. When a veil is fully combed, the decorative edge falls next to the face rather than by your shoulders. It also gives a fuller effect to the veil because more material is gathered.
Gather The gather on a veil is the part attached to the comb.
Goose Feather
Hackle Feather A feather with a structured shape, but a fluffy appearance
Half Combed This means that only half of the width of the veil is gathered, letting the edge sit below the face and around the shoulders. Half combed veils have a softer effect than fully combed veils.
Hoop Another term for a petticoat or underskirt
Le Soie
Mantilla A mantilla veil originates from Spain, and is a traditional lace veil. Unlike other veils, a mantilla is not gathered at all, and instead floats in one layer down from the comb, with a beautiful lace or embroidery edge.
Organza Organza is a delicate, opaque fabric. It is available as the veiling for some of our veil styles, such as a C64C. We also use organza for delicate hair pieces, and the colour options mean that it is ideal for bridesmaid accessories and hat decorations.
Ostrich Feather
Pencil Edge This is another term for the Stitched Fine Edge
Power Net Power net is the net that is used at the top of some of our petticoats to provide a comfortable yet structured shape to the petticoat. This gives the wearer a smooth and sleek outline.
Rhinestone A crystal with silver backing, similar to a Diamanté.
Ribbon Edge
Riding Hat The soft, straight sided crown and small upturned brim make this classic hat perfect for brides.
Russian Braid Another term for Cord
Scallop A scalloped edge on a veil is one that is made up of a series of semicircles rather than a straight edge which is simply a straight line running around the edge of the veil.
Scatter We use the word scatter to refer to the decoration on a veil when it is scattered across the veiling rather than being concentrated just on the edge.
Side Spray Side sprays are tiaras where the decoration is designed to sit at the side of the hair rather than the traditional central position. They are becoming increasingly popular as brides are looking for something a little different.
Silk Dupion Silk dupion is a soft, luxurious fabric that is ideal for headwear decorations, and is available in a vast array of colours.
Silk Tulle There are two different silk fabrics available. Crisp Silk has a similar drape to regular tulle, and Soft Silk is very fluid and falls softly over the head and shoulders. Both are very delicate and light in weight.
Sinamay Sinamay is made from strands of Abaca bark, which produces a medium weave fabric that is both stiff and flexible. We use sinamay for structured head pieces such as hats and some fascinators. Our process of mixing different shades of sinamay provides us with an almost endless combination of colour options.
Soft Silk Soft silk can be used instead of Fine Diamond Veiling. It is so soft and draping that only certain edges can be applied, such as cord and ribbon.
Stitched Fine Edge A single line of stitching to create a subtle frame for the veil
Studs/Flat Back Flat back pearls or pearl studs are those that are not spherical, but have a flat back. Each design that incorporates these has them as standard.
Tier A layer of veiling. Most veils are made up of two tiers, although single tier veils are becoming increasingly popular. The more tiers a veil has, the fuller and more bouffant it is.
Trim (Hat) The trim of a hat is the decoration, which includes the sash, and any feathers or crystals.
Tulle Also known as veiling, this is the fine fabric we use to make our veils, face veils and some of our headdresses.

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