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Where can I buy Richard Designs accessories?

We have over 1000 stockists in the UK, so you can be sure to find a Richard Designs stockist located near to you where you can buy our accessories. Please visit the find a stockist page to locate your nearest featured stockist.

How far in advance should I order my bridal accessories?

We deliver our accessories to our stockists on average within two weeks. While it is always advisable to order your accessories in time for your various fittings, if you decide you need something last minute then it is worth contacting your local stockist. Sometimes we have received last minute orders on a Thursday for a Saturday wedding - as our items are handmade in England, it is never too late to order.

What does your 'expect to pay' pricing mean?

Our stockists are free to decide their own retail price of a particular product, therefore the prices we show you on this website act as a guide only, to help you decide which style is best for you. Sometimes the price in the shop may be a little more and sometimes it may be a little less, but this will reflect the services of the store.

Can I iron my veil?

A common mistake made by brides is to iron their veil. Unfortunately due to the fine quality of veiling that is required to produce a wedding veil they often get creased in transit, so it can be tempting for brides (or helpful friends!) to iron their veil when they receive it. However there are two reasons why brides should not do this:

  • For most of our decoration we use heat-sensitive bonding which is broken down when ironed or steamed causing the decoration to be removed.
  • Due to the fine nature of veiling it is also very easy to burn a veil whilst ironing it. Even low-temperature irons can discolour, burn or even melt the veiling.
  • All of this can be easily avoided however, by collecting your veil from the shop in plenty of time and hanging it in a safe place away from pets and small children. After a few days hanging, the creases will fall out and you will have a perfect veil for your big day.

Can I dye my veil?

We use dye on veils to produce particular colours that are not available elsewhere. Veils are dyed before decoration is added, as trims and gathers mean that the colour varies over the veil. Therefore we do not recommend dying completed veils yourself. Instead, you should ask your bridal shop to show you our colour swatches or they can send us a swatch of the colour you require and we can match this as closely as possible before decorating and completing the veil for you.

How stiff is Richard Designs’ veiling?

With almost 25 years of experience we have the knowledge and expertise to choose the very best quality veiling. The veiling we use for our veils is exclusive to us, so you will not find it elsewhere. It is called Fine Diamond Veiling because the threads are woven into very fine diamond shapes. This gives the veiling a beautiful outline when it hangs and it has a very soft feel to it meaning that it will not scratch or irritate your skin.

I don’t really like net; are there any alternatives?

You might not have looked closely at our veils; on comparison you will see and feel that the tulle used on a Richard Designs veil is so much finer and softer than that used by some other manufacturers. If you still aren’t keen, you can choose organza, chiffon, soft veiling (also known as faux silk) or millinery net as an alternative. There is also the possibility of having a single tier veil, which can be worn at the back of the head, cascading to the shoulders or all the way to the floor, without covering the face. Finally, our trails are an interesting alternative to a traditional veil.

If I have a long veil won’t it get in the way?

A long veil is a beautiful way to finish off your dress. You can ask for a detachable train which enables you to wear a long veil during the ceremony and whilst your photographs are being taken, but then can be removed from the comb leaving a smaller, easier to manage veil for you to wear for the rest of the day. You can also choose to have each tier on a separate comb so that you hair is not completely covered, and you are still able to remove tiers during the course of your day. We have recently created a blusher that is entirely on its own comb and has a unique fullness and shape, giving the full halo effect of a veil without being attached to the back tier.

Will I be able to wear my tiara all day?

Our tiara bands are extremely comfortable, much more so than pressed bands which are the norm from most manufacturers. They are so comfortable that you’ll probably forget that you are wearing your tiara! We offer four standard colour bands: silver, gold and (on special request) dark brown or blonde. Bands are sometimes chosen by our designers to match the colour of the decoration, for example on bridesmaid accessories, or Boutique Collection fascinators.

Which shape petticoat will work with my gown?

To choose your petticoat shape, simply look at the silhouette of the gown and match this to the shape of your petticoat. If you are unsure which petticoat is best for you, we will be happy to advise you. Simply let us know which designer your gown is from and the style number, or send us a picture, and we will be happy to help.

How high is the quality of your products?

We have an excellent reputation for producing the highest quality bridal wear. All of our products are designed and hand made to order in Cambridgeshire, England. We employ highly skilled staff and are a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. The methods we use have been created and perfected by us over many years resulting in perfect results for every individual piece we make and often setting standards for the rest of the industry.

Do you discontinue styles?

We never discontinue any of our styles, so if you see an older style that you like we will still be able to make it for you. In fact, our collection through history extends into the thousands! All of these veil, tiara, jewellery and bridesmaid designs can be colour-matched to suit you, creating an almost infinite number of different styles. This is another reason why our stockists are so brilliant – they will be able to suggest designs for you to match your style that aren’t available online or from unauthorised online retailers.

Do you sell online?

We do not sell directly to brides as we believe that the service and experience offered by an independent bridal retailer cannot be beaten. We do not supply online retailers, so be very wary if an online shop is offering to sell you a Richard Designs item; you can always check with us about any stockists if you are unsure.

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