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How to Wear a Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are so versatile that you can make them work for you and your personal style.

Wedding veils can be worn with any hairstyle, up or down. Here are our favourite ways to wear the most popular styles of veil:

Birdcage Veil

This can be worn so that the edge of the veil sits straight across the face, but we think it works best when it is asymmetrical across the face. It will work with any hairstyle, up or down.

Just push the comb in against the growth of hair and, once in place, secure the veiling itself with hair pins to your hair to make sure that it sits nicely in front of your face, in a round shape.

A birdcage veil on a band is easier to wear than on a comb, just make sure the band is tucked into your hair to make it invisible. All of our birdcage veils on combs can be made on bands instead if you prefer.

54", 72" or 126" 2-tier Wedding Veil

These lengths of veil are the most popular because they are the most versatile. They can be worn at the crown of the head, the front of the head or at the back of the head under an up-do. Take your wedding veil to your hair stylist appointments to test out how it looks with different hairstyles.

Single Tier Veil

This is most popularly worn at the back of the head under an up-do. It can look a little flat if worn at the top of the head, so if you would like to wear your wedding veil at the crown or top of your head we would suggest instead a 2-tier veil (the blusher does not have to be worn over the face).

For a destination wedding, we make several single tier veils in narrower widths meaning there is less tulle to contend with in the heat and breeze of the beach!

Tips for wearing all lengths of wedding veil

  • If the veil has two-tiers, separate the layers before putting the comb in your hair to make sure that you get a soft, delicate look.
  • Secure the comb with bobby pins if you are worried about it moving over the course of the day
  • Ask for your wedding veil to be made with a detachable long tier so that you can keep a shorter veil on at your reception.
  • If you are having a 126" or long veil, ask your bridesmaids to make sure that it is sitting on your dress nicely when you walk down the aisle. Practice in your house before the big day if you need to!
  • When getting in and out of your wedding car, carry the veil over your arm and then gently fold it on the seat next to you to avoid stepping or sitting on the veil.


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