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Choose Purple For Bridesmaids!

2 May 2014

We take a look at why purple is still a popular colour choice for bridesmaids, and show some of our favourite gowns available from the Dessy Collection and from Eden Bridesmaids.

Lace tea length strapless dress-Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2053, Full length chiffon dress- Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2890 , Purple balloons, Full length one shoulder dress- Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2867, Bouquets in a row, Bridesmaids Amethyst Flower tiara-Richard Designs TR1709A, Silver beaded side tiara- Richard Designs TR1713A, Knee length ruched bodice dress  -Eden Bridesmaids Style 7249, Veromia Bridesmaids Collection featuring  Richard Designs TR1710A & TR1709A, Ruffle dress- Eden bridesmaids Style 7345, Purple dressed table, Flower tiara band- Richard Designs TR1704A in Amethyst, Ivory flower comb- Richard Designs TR1772A, Bouquet on chair, Lilac Veromia childs Bridesmaid dress VRF81352 with Richard Designs- TR1710A.

Purple is still such a fashionable colour choice for wedding themes in general, and more specifically, for bridesmaids dresses. This, passionate, luxurious colour is typically related to royalty and princesses, which is why its so in keeping with the wedding aura, where a bride aspires to be a princess for the day. With such a variety of different shades to choose from, there are subtle lavenders and violets or the more adventurous bride could go for a deep aubergine or a dazzling bright plumb. 

Within our purple mood board you can see three very different dresses available from the Dessy Collection. The tea length lace dress in the far left corner, style 2053, is beautiful, with the satin colour coming through from underneath, linking in with the wonderful sash around the waist. This satin is available in many colours, and the lace comes in Ivory or black, here we have Ivory & African Violet. This would be perfect if you wanted a luxurious lace look, leading from the bridal gown through to the bridesmaids.

The second Dessy dress we have below, 2890, is a full length chiffon gown, in amethyst. This is a perfectly elegant style with a Grecian feel, available in a wide range of colours. This would look pretty with our simple floral comb, TR1772A. The final Dessy style we have featured is a satin, floor length gown with one shoulder strap, complete with ruffle detail, pictured in wild berry purple. This gown wouldn’t need much to finish the look, our silver beaded bridesmaids tiara, TR1713A would add that touch of sparkle and the coloured crystals are available to order in a variety of colours.

Also pictured within our purple mood board, you can see our latest bridesmaids tiaras, single flower side tiara, TR1709A in amethyst, this was featured in a recent Veromia Bridesmaid shoot. They used a selection of our accessories to complement their gowns. You can see three images with their dresses, two also feature our TR1710A in lavender, one combined with a dainty childrens bridesmaids gown. 

Another purple dress we admired was this knee length dress from Eden, complete with sweetheart neckline and ruched detail across the bodice, finished with a neat row of buttons down the back. This would look lovely with our simple flower comb, TR1772A, which could be worn in a variety of hairstyles. Or even our flower band, TR1704A, which comes in a wide range of colours. In Ivory this would contrast the purple of the dress, and if the brides gown were Ivory, would keep a cohesive look throughout.

If you were looking for a shorter style, this strapless chiffon dress from Eden would be a fun look for bridesmaids, its layers of chiffon ruffles add movement and the contrasting sash around the waist completes the look. A simple headdress would finish this outfit; we would suggest our TR1710A, with the colour way matching the contrasting sash on the dress. 

See more designer mood boards here and create your own selection of favourites on our Pinterest page.

Alisha Oakey

Alisha Oakey

Alisha has a design degree and has been working with Richard Designs since 2011, specialising in veil design.


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