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Our Favourite Bridal Hair Vines

3 February 2016

Here are some of our favourite hair vines and circlets from our fairytale inspired headdress collection. If you are looking for an alternative accessory to a traditional tiara, here are some great ideas for you:

Richard Designs Lace Hair Adornment - TR2072A, Richard Designs Beaded Circlet - TR2101A , Richard Designs Crystal band - TR2151A

Starting off with our new favourite sparkling styles, we have a crystal band, beaded circlet or our gorgeous lace and crystal hair adornment TR2072A. This style simply clips into the hair wherever you desire with the neat crocodile clips either side, a great choice if you are looking for a mix of crystal and lace with a vintage feel.

If you want a halo with sparkle all the way around style TR2101A has silver beading, or for a sparkling headband choose TR2151A and wear across the front of the head.

Richard Designs - Lace and crystal Hair Jewellery - P685, Richard Designs - Tie Fasten Hair Vine - TR2139A , Richard Designs - Lace & Crystal Circlet - TR2140A

For a light floral look our P685 would complement a variety of gowns with lace. Our new styles on the right have a mix of light lace and intricate silver beading. 

Richard Designs Crystal & Lace Hair Jewellery - P775, Richard Designs tie fasten lace Hair Vine - TR2013A, Richard Designs Lace & Beaded Clip - CP100.

Our pretty halo P775 has a lovely mix of crystal and delicate lace. For more of a boho style, metallic lace headdress TR2013A is another understated style that ties to fasten with the narrow ribbon strands.

Richard Designs Twisted Crystal Vine - TR2044A , Richard Designs Beaded Hair Vine - TR2062A, Richard Designs Plaited Tiara Band - TR2155A

These pearl and crystal vines are so easy to wear and look great worn along the browline. Our vines with crocodile clips can also be worn wrapped around a bun draped around the back of the head.   

Richard Designs - Beaded Adornment - TR2077A, Richard Designs - Long Hair Vine - TR2069A Richard Designs - Rose Gold Floral Comb - TR2112RS

This beaded headdress has a blend of silver crystal and intricate beading, it can be worn at the side or at the back of the head, as it secures with neat crocodile clips.

If you are looking for a delicate viney style, our floral and crystal comb TR2112RS is one of our favourites from our latest collection. For more of a boho look, our long lace and floral hair vine TR2069A is a great choice to wrap around a variety of hairstyles.

See the full collection of headdresses here

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Alisha Oakey

Alisha Oakey

Alisha has a design degree and has been working with Richard Designs since 2011, specialising in veil design.


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