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Lace Special Part One - The Corded Lace Look

13 May 2014

Corded lace is still a main ingredient within bridal gowns at present, so this week we are taking a look at our most popular corded lace veils. We are looking at a range of lace borders & corded appliqué veils, so that you know what is available to complement your lace dress perfectly!

The Classics- AL050 & AL040

We start with our Classic range, and our AL050 veil which has a wonderful corded lace border up to the elbow and flowing round to a simple edge on the blusher for a softer look around the face. This veil would look lovely with a gown that has a tulle skirt and lace detail on the bodice; so the lace on the veil would link through from the bodice to the train of the dress.

Another option we have available is our AL040, a simple embroidered scalloped edge veil, decorated with delicate corded lace pieces on the back tier. This veil provides a touch of lace to complement a heavily corded gown.

Richard Designs- C424A & C346B with TR1661A

Our single tier, C424A, has a simple enclosed edge, with corded lace pieces flowing around the sides, with a touch of silver diamante to complete the look. If you are looking for more sparkle, you could opt for our ever popular, C346B, with an embroidered edge, floral lace appliqués and a crystal scatter at the puddle of the veil, this design really does have it all! This is also one of our showcase items, to find a showcase stockist near you search here. You can also see our corded lace side tiara, TR1661A paired with this veil, it completes the lace look without overpowering the dress.

Richard Designs- C412C with TR1530A & C413A

A veil designed to work well with satin and lace dresses is C412C. It has a ribbon edge with a border of corded lace that starts at the elbow and frames the train of your dress. It would look great with a fully corded gown that had a clinched in satin waistband. This veil looks lovely in a shorter length too, with the beaded lace hanging at hip height, but not covering up the back detail on the dress. Don't forget about the tiara, you can see our corded lace upright tiara, TR1530A, worn here with this lace veil.

A similar style that proves popular is our C413A, which has scalloped corded lace decorating the train. This veil works well in a cathedral length, giving a luxurious dramatic effect, especially on gowns with a long train. This veil was designed to create the drama of a lace border but with a softer look around the top half, with the thinner edge on the blusher, so it does not detract attention from the hair and face.

Richard Designs- C436C & C424B

If you are looking for a different way to get that corded lace element from the dress to the accessories, try our new floral veil, C436C. It has a soft feminine look, with an embroidered edge & intricate corded lace at the puddle. It is completed with delicate chiffon flowers scattered within the lace & along the comb. This veil would look great with a light, elegant gown that has touches of lace within it, not all over.

Another unusual way to wear corded lace is with our showcase veil, C424B. Designed with the decoration to be worn under a bun; the lace across the comb is adorned with draping crystal & beading. The veil has a simple edge and hangs beautifully from the pretty comb. This could be worn with a heavily beaded, corded dress, to add a softer touch but still with enough detail to match the gown.

Richard Designs- C418C & C427C

Unusual veil, C418C provides a way of getting a juliet cap style veil, without the heavy lace covering the hair. This veil has a cut edge to give a softer look and looks as though the lace is floating within the hair.

Our intricate embroidered edged veil, C427C has heavily beaded corded lace appliqués on the back tier, and would look lovely with dresses that have beaded elements throughout.

Richard Designs- C433B & C428C

With corded lace still heavily impacting the bridal market, coming through from last season through to current lines, we are still creating accessories to complement these dresses, thinking of new ways to wear corded lace. A lighter way to wear corded lace on a veil is with a lace scatter. Its a softer way to get a corded lace element flowing from the dress through to the accessories.

Our double row crinoline edged veil, C433B has lace appliqués scattered along the edge of the veil all the way round. The crinoline edge helps the veil to hold its shape, and the lace gives that finishing touch. This veil is flat combed to give a softer look.

Or our C428C has a corded lace applique scatter at the puddle, climbing up the veil, designed to look as though the lace from the gown follows down to the veil. It is finished with a simple edge and would comlement a variety of lace gowns. 

Look out for Part Two of our lace veil special soon!

To see more of our veils take a look in our gallery.

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Alisha Oakey

Alisha Oakey

Alisha has a design degree and has been working with Richard Designs since 2011, specialising in veil design.


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