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Wedding Planning Tips: Flowers

8 January 2015

Flower wall at Kim & Kanye's wedding, Bouquets, Richard Designs floral circlet - TR1917A in Autumn, Rose bowl, Richard Designs Tiara- TR1871A in Rose gold, Jars of colourful flowers, Hanging flowers, Birdcage floral display.

Floral display ideas:

There are so many ways to use flowers, whether its to decorate your venue, give to your bridal party or help to create an overall theme.

Before choosing your flowers you will need to think about your colour scheme, or theme. It is also important to think about the season you are getting married, to see what flowers are more suited to that time of year. It is usually cheaper to have flowers that are more readily available in relation to the season, so this may be worth thinking about.

Here we have come up with some ideas for you to think about when choosing your flower displays:

Archways - decorate an archway at your venue or church, or if there is no archway have one made out of flowers to create a pretty photo opportunity for you and your guests. 

Hanging flowers - it is becoming more popular to display flowers in unconventional ways such as hanging from ceilings above the tables, this is a great idea to create a pretty setting and will help to save room on the tables.

In glass bottles - this is a great idea to keep costs down, to arrange a selection of glass bottles on the tables with single stems in each, or some people like to hang these around a venue or outside to create a pretty display.

In glass jars - another easy idea which is cost effective as you could keep old food jars throughout the year and recycle them to hold flowers for the table displays. Decorate the jars with lace, ribbon or frosting spray to add that finishing touch.

Bouquets - of course most brides have their own bridal bouquet and then will have similar ones for the centre pieces, and bridal party. Think about using bouquets in a different way, like you could have a set of miniature bouquets on the tables arranged with delicate candles to create a pretty setting or even hang them on ribbons around your venue for an alternative look.

Flowers suspended in bowls - this is another great way to keep your flowers to a minimum, by simply having five roses suspended in water in domed bowls on each table would create a simple but effective look.

In glass bell jars or birdcages - flowers look lovely arranged in these pretty ornaments, a good choice for certain theme weddings, birdcages are great for creating a shabby chic style.

Scattered petals - a lovely way to add that extra floral touch, scatter on the tables or up the aisle for a romantic setting.

In tall vases - flowers arranged in tall vases on the tables can help to create a luxurious look and add some height.

Flower wall - this is great for photos and a beautiful way to make a real statement, just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye had at their wedding! See our blog on their Italian wedding here.

Remember to think about adding flowers around your venue to create a cohesive scheme. You may want to think about draping flowers around stairways or anywhere you may be having photographs taken.

For more floral display inspiration take a look at our Pinterest board here.

If you wanted to have a floral theme throughout, don't forget to think about having floral accessories! We have a beautiful new range of floral circlets, tiaras and veils to give you an alternative option to having real flowers in your hair. Take a look at our Floral accessories board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

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Alisha Oakey

Alisha Oakey

Alisha has a design degree and has been working with Richard Designs since 2011, specialising in veil design.


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