Inspirational Hair Details

31 July 2018


Three of our gorgeous hair accessories were shown in the June issue of Love our Wedding, which is perfect if you are looking for something to spruce up your bridal outfit.

Left: Feature from Love Our Wedding, Top right: Hair jewellery – TR2245A, Bottom Right: Comb – TR2480A 

Our vintage leaf comb TR2480A is simple yet exquisite, perfect to be tucked in to a low bun wedding updo. Or you can choose our silver crystal hair jewellery TR2245A if you are going for a more sparkly look.

Left: Feature from Love Our Wedding, Right: Large Headdress – TR2239A 

If you really like to step out the box, or your dress is simple and you want a lot of the detail to be in a headpiece, then TR2239A is a perfect match, as it provides intricately detailed lace, and crystal drops, perfect for any bride or bridal look.

All of these gorgeous headpeices are perfect for adding something special to your bridal look. See more of our accessory collection here. 

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