Crystal & Flower Circlet

Code: TR1935A

Crystal & Flower Circlet

Code: TR1935A

Guide price: £234.00


A pretty floral circlet made of sparkling crystal banding and handmade clusters of delicate fabric flowers with a set stone centre. Available in Silver, just choose from Ivory or Cappuccino for the flowers. Circumference of circlet measures 21.5″.


Circumference measures 21.5″

Care Instructions

To keep your headpiece in pristine condition, handle with care by the base, not the delicate wired stems. Always put your accessories on last, don’t let hairspray spoil the clarity of crystals. To get a more secure fit, you can gently mould the band to fit snugly on your head. To store, we recommend a cool, dry place in its original box or wrapped in acid-free tissue.


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